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Top Five Things to Know About Teeth Tomorrow Dental Implants

If you’ve already spent a good amount of time looking into getting dental implants, you may have spotted a few anomalies when trying to determine how long you’ll have to go without teeth while your implants heal. You might have heard about products such as Teeth Tomorrow®, which promises good candidates will only have to spend one night without teeth. It turns out, this is actually the case. Find out how Teeth Tomorrow enables you to get new teeth so fast and get answers to other common questions about this type of full arch dental implant.

How Many Total Implants Will I Need?
Typically, six dental implants per row of teeth are used to support Teeth Tomorrow. However, your implant dentist will access your case to determine the exact amount you need in order to support your replacement teeth.

Will I Really Be Able to Get My New Teeth the Day After the Procedure?
Yes, but they will be temporary dental bridges. You’ll need more time to heal before you’re ready for your permanent bridges. However, the temporary bridges will ensure that your smile will be full in the meantime.

Can I Eat with My Temporary Bridge?
Yes, but you’ll want to start slow and give your dental implants a bit of time to heal some. During the first few days, you’ll be on a soft food diet. Your dentist will give you a list of things you can safely consume during this period. If your dentist is happy with your progress during your next check, your meal options should be expanded.

Will My Smile Look Natural?
Not only will it look natural, it’ll function naturally. That means no distorted words of smiles due to dentures slipping. It means no longer having to dice up your food be able to manage it.

More on Teeth Tomorrow in East Meadow, NY
Reserve an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about what to expect ahead of getting dental implants and to learn more about getting Teeth Tomorrow in East Meadow, NY.

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