When you smile, people take notice. There are many factors that contribute to a beautiful, confident smile that leaves the right impression – the brightness, shape, and spacing of your teeth. Even your gums are an important piece of the equation. When your smile is anything less than perfect – your teeth are damaged, you have gaps, your teeth are discolored, they are misaligned, or you have excess gum tissue – your smile, and your confidence, are greatly affected. At National Dental East Meadow, we can help to restore your smile with a smile makeover.


Discoloration of your teeth happens for a variety of different reasons. While over the counter remedies may work for minor surface stains, many stains require something stronger. At National Dental, we provide Zoom! Whitening. Our in-office whitening procedure uses a special gel that contains hydrogen peroxide, which is activated by light. In just an hour, your teeth will be noticeably whiter. On average, your teeth are whiter by up to 8 shades. We also provide Zoom! take home trays so that you can whiten on your own time.


Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional metal braces, providing you a way to straighten crooked teeth invisibly, without the use of brackets or wires. Instead, the treatment involves the use of a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually encourage your teeth to move into proper alignment. Not only are Invisalign® aligners invisible, but the treatment period is also often shorter, giving you your desired results faster.


Bonding is a quick and easy procedure designed to fix a variety of minor dental imperfections; from chips and cracks in the enamel to gaps and misshapen teeth. The procedure uses a composite resin material, which is easily molded and shaped to fit just about any need. It also matches the natural color of your teeth. There is minimal tooth preparation. We only need to use an acidic gel to create a rough texture on your enamel, which helps the material to bond better. Once complete, your teeth are restored.


Veneers are also used to fix minor imperfections. Veneers are thin “shells” that cover the front portions of your teeth. Our veneers are made from porcelain. Porcelain is stronger than composite resin and is better able to mimic the qualities of your natural teeth. A small amount of enamel first needs to be removed before the veneers can be placed, but you are left with beautiful, natural smile.


Crowns are “caps” that cover the entire visible portions of damaged crowns. They can be used to strengthen damaged teeth, provide them with support and protect them from bacterial invasion. While crowns can be made from several different materials, ceramic provides the best aesthetic results. Ceramic can be stained and polished to match the color of your teeth while mimicking the natural qualities of enamel.


Dental implants are the latest solution to tooth loss. A surgical procedure is involved, where the implants are inserted into your jawbone. Implants then provide support for your replacement teeth, whether it’s one tooth or all of your teeth. They have several advantages over traditional replacement options, but one of the biggest advantages is that they help to preserve the strength and shape of your jawbone.


Your teeth are not the only important feature of your smile. Your gums play a role as well. Excess gum tissue can make your teeth appear small. A gum lift is designed to remove that excess tissue, evening out your gum line, and helping your teeth to appear longer and more natural.

A smile makeover can provide you with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Contact National Dental East Meadow at (516) 962-2292 to schedule your consultation today!