LASER DENTISTRY Periodontal Treatment and Pain Control

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease or periodontitis, is a progressive disease that can have devastating effects on your oral and overall health. When not treated, it can lead to tooth loss and contribute to conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Traditionally, treating gum disease often involved the use of a scalpel, which can be the source of significant post-procedure pain and swelling. At National Dental East Meadow, we use laser dentistry for your periodontal treatment.


Gum disease begins as gingivitis. Plaque and bacteria collect on your teeth and irritate your gum tissue. This triggers your immune system to send an inflammatory response (to fight the bacteria). Your gums become red and swollen, and may even bleed when you brush. These symptoms are often ignored, and the condition worsens. Swollen gums pull away from your teeth, and bacteria fall below the gum line. They attack your jawbone and the periodontal ligaments (the structures that hold your teeth in place). Both weaken. Your teeth become loose, and may even fall out. Bacteria can also enter your bloodstream, and contribute to health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.


Treating gum disease is essential to stopping it in its tracks and allowing your mouth to heal. However, the inflamed tissue is often in the way, preventing a thorough scaling and root planing. This tissue needs to be removed. Previously, this was done with a manual scalpel. While the scalpel is effective, it can also cause a significant amount of post-procedure pain and swelling.

With the development of the laser for use in dentistry, your experience is greatly improved. The laser uses a high-intensity beam of light approximately the thickness of a human hair. The laser is used to remove the infected gum tissue, providing us with the access to your teeth that we need to effectively perform scaling and root planing. We scrape the surfaces of your teeth and smooth their roots, removing plaque, tartar bacteria and other contaminants. This prevents new buildup and allows your gums to heal.


One of the biggest advantages of using a laser is the reduced amount of pain felt both during and after your procedure. The fear of pain often keeps many patients from seeking the gum disease treatment they need. However, ignoring they symptoms of gum disease only worsens the condition, and means more invasive procedures later. With the laser, you can better relax, knowing that there will be little pain involved.


There are several benefits associated with the use of the laser:

  • The traditional effects involved with removing infected gum tissue – bleeding, pain, and swelling – are significantly lessened.
  • The laser cauterizes as it cuts.
  • There is less tissue trauma.
  • Lasers are more accurate.
  • The amount of time required for recovery is lessened.


If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, treatment is required. Contact National Dental East Meadow today at (516) 962-2292 to find out if laser dentistry is right for you!