Digital Radiology

At National Dental East Meadow, our goal is to provide you with the best possible oral care. Part of being able to achieve this goal involves a thorough examination of your mouth. However, what we can see with the naked eye is only a part of the whole structure. So much more lies between your teeth and under your gums. X-rays are an essential tool for us to monitor the health of your mouth, or make an accurate diagnosis. However, traditional X-rays take time, and many patients take issue with the high amounts of radiation used to capture images. In our office, we take advantage of the latest technological developments with digital radiology.


Digital X-rays are a technological improvement upon traditional X-rays. Rather than radiation to capture images, electronics are used. An electronic sensor is placed inside your mouth. The sensor is attached to a computer. All we need to do is click a button, and the image is captured. It is then displayed almost immediately on the computer monitor.


It used to be that after your traditional X-ray images were taken and developed, the pictures were placed in your paper file. Over time, these files could become cumbersome. It would take some time to go through the pages to find the images that were required. In some instances, the images could have even become lost. Nowadays, your file is stored digitally, and so, too, are your X-ray images. This means that we can easily recall older images to compare them to your newer ones. There is no worry about the images becoming lost or damaged.


One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional X-rays is that they rely on large amounts of radiation to capture images. Digital X-rays, on the other hand, rely on electronics. Because of this, your exposure to radiation is significantly decreased. In most cases, your exposure to radiation is reduced by up to 95%.


Images taken with traditional X-ray technology need to be developed. To develop the images, chemicals are used. These chemicals are harmful to the environment. Digital X-rays eliminate the need for chemicals altogether. They do not need to be developed. Instead, the images we take show up on our computer monitor just seconds after taking them, reducing our impact on the environment.


The images produced with digital X-rays are a much higher quality than traditional X-rays. Not only do they show more detail, but digital X-ray software also gives us the ability to further manipulate the images. We can zoom in on suspicious areas and enhance the image for a clearer picture. We can also change the image from black and white to color and even display in the negative. All of these features allow for a much more accurate diagnosis.


With a traditional X-ray, you would have to wait while we took your images to a separate dark room to develop them. This is wasted precious time. Digital X-rays allow us to make the most of your appointment. With the images displayed almost immediately before us, there is no need to leave the room. You see exactly what we see, and we can spend the duration of your appointment answering your questions and helping you to understand exactly what is happening inside your mouth.

With digital radiology, your diagnosis and your treatment plan are more accurate. Moreover, regular software updates allow us to stay on top of the latest developments. Contact National Dental East Meadow today at (516) 962-2292 to learn more!