Maintaining proper oral health is important for everyone, adults and kids alike. However, your child’s mouth and their oral health needs are different. Their jaw is still growing and developing, and will continue to do so well into late adolescence. Because their needs are different, they need more specialized care. At National Dental East Meadow, we can help with dentistry for kids.


Regular dental cleanings, at least twice a year, are important for the oral health of everyone, no matter how old you are. However, children are much more prone to cavities than adults are. They are much more likely to miss areas of their mouths, which leads to larger amounts of oral bacteria, and a greater likelihood for cavities. At National Dental, we can help protect your child’s teeth by giving them a thorough cleaning, including all of the areas your child may miss on a regular basis, helping them to prevent cavities and keep their mouth healthy.

Cleaning your child’s teeth is a fairly straightforward procedure, and not unlike the cleaning of an adult’s teeth. We use specialized tools to remove plaque, tartar (hardened plaque) and bacteria from their teeth and use a dental polish to give them a clean shine.


Along with regular cleanings, routine exams are just as important for your child as they are for you. We thoroughly inspect their teeth for any signs of cavities, as well as any other damage, such as chips or fractures. We inspect their gums, and all other tissues inside their mouth, as well as look at their mouth from the outside to assess alignment. Along with this visual inspection, we also will take the time to have a discussion with your child. During this discussion, we will ask them about their brushing routine and help them to improve their practices and the health of their mouth.


Digital X-rays allow us to see everything in your child’s mouth that we cannot see with our own eyes, including between their teeth and under the gum line. These images are an important part of their health record. They allow us to spot cavities and monitor the development of their teeth and jaws, which continue to develop well into their late teens.


Fluoride treatments are a common application for children’s teeth. It helps to protect the enamel of the teeth from acid attacks by oral bacteria that can lead to cavities. The treatments are simple and pain-free and are often done after your child’s teeth are polished. A gel is applied to your child’s teeth that absorb into the enamel. Fluoride can also accumulate at the gums, and act as a protective barrier for newly emerging permanent teeth.


Sealants are another treatment that helps to prevent cavities. We paint the material onto the chewing surfaces of their molars, which contain deep crevices and grooves. The sealants cover these depressions, preventing bacteria and other debris from hiding out and causing decay. These treatments can be used on both permanent teeth as well as baby teeth, both of which need protection from cavities.


It is recommended that your child has an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. Many orthodontic issues can be determined in these years, some as early as 2 or 3 years of age. With this evaluation, we can determine many types of issues with their jaw or their teeth. We can then recommend treatments that can help to lessen the severity of these issues, as well as the severity of treatment when your child gets older.

Helping your child to care for their mouth now will set them up for long-term success. Contact National Dental East Meadow at (516) 962-2292 to schedule your child’s appointment today.