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How Much Pain Can I Expect from Having Dental Implants Put In?

It may require the extraction of teeth. It will require a dental drill. Having dental implants placed is a straightforward procedure, but there are plenty of steps your dentist will need to carefully take and plenty of variables that will depend on each individual’s current dental health. So, that raises a few questions.
How comfortable is the dental implant placement process and how much pain can you expect to endure during treatment?

Local Anesthesia
A shot of local anesthesia will comfortably get you through the dental implant placement process. After a quick injection at the implant site, the area will numb and you won’t feel much, if anything at all, until well after your procedure is complete.
The procedure is relatively brief. Even a full set of dental implants can be placed in a single appointment, as is the case with the All-on-4® dental implants system that’s used to keep dentures in place.

General Anesthesia
You may have the option to have general anesthesia, which is more likely to be made available for patients getting more than one dental implant placed. That’s because general anesthesia, for the most part, is excessive for the placement of the dental implant. It can take hours to sleep out general anesthesia, but your dental implant placement might take just a fraction of that time.

Over-the-Counter Pain Killers
After your procedure, you’ll experience tenderness and swelling at the implant site. Though uncomfortable, the discomfort can be managed with standard, over-the-counter painkillers. You’ll need to take the painkillers once every six to eight hours to keep the swelling and tenderness down. And in a few days, you should experience very little discomfort if any at all.

Get More Answers to Your Questions
Set up a time to talk with a local dentist to get even more answers to your questions about getting dental implants in East Meadow, NY. Be prepared to ask even your toughest questions about getting dental implants.

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