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Dental Crowns

You do your best to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful. However, despite your best efforts, accidents happen. A fall, facial trauma or biting down on something too hard can damage your teeth, affecting their appearance. Suddenly, your beautiful smile is marred, and your confidence plummets. Damaged teeth and your diminished smile can be restored. At National Dental East Meadow, we can restore damaged teeth with dental crowns.

What is a Crown?

A dental crown is a “cap” that covers the entire visible portion of a damaged tooth. It is designed to help keep your tooth in its socket, eliminating the need for an extraction. The crown does this by holding a damaged tooth together, providing it strength, and protecting it from bacterial invasion.

Crowns at National Dental East Meadow

The Best Materials for the Beauty of Your Smile

Crowns can typically be made out of one of many different materials. Metal crowns are a popular option because of their superior strength. These crowns have been in use the longest, having been around for several decades. However, while they are practically indestructible, metal crowns do have one major disadvantage – their color. Being either silver or gold in color, they stand out from the rest of your natural teeth. They may even be noticed in the back of your mouth.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns were created to provide an aesthetic fix for metal crowns. The metal crown is coated in porcelain, a material that is well known for its ability to mimic the color and shine of natural teeth. However, these crowns often have a metal line that shows through the porcelain, giving them away.

The best cosmetic option for dental crowns is ceramic. Ceramic perfectly mimics the natural color of your tooth enamel, as well as the way in which enamel reflects light. Moreover, since the entire restoration is made from ceramic, there is no way to tell the crown from the rest of your natural teeth.

How Your Dental Crown is Placed

For a crown to be placed, your tooth must first be prepared. This involves trimming, or removing, a portion of your enamel, which ensures that the crown will fit in perfectly amongst the rest of your natural teeth. After the tooth is prepared, an impression is taken, which is used to design and fabricate your custom crown. Typically, this takes some time so that a second visit will be required. Once the crown is ready, it will be checked for proper fit and cemented into place.

Is There Any Special Care Involved with Dental Crowns?

Your dental crown can be cared for just like the rest of your natural teeth. It can, and should, be brushed and flossed daily. You should also maintain your regular twice yearly dental visits. When we perform your oral exam, we will pay close attention to your crown, checking it for any signs of damage.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are several benefits involved with crowns:
•  Ceramic crowns blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.
•  They help to strengthen and protect a weakened, or otherwise compromised tooth.
•  They seal a tooth following a root canal.
•  They anchor a fixed bridge in place.

Ceramic dental crowns will help to restore the beauty, and the health, of your smile. Contact National Dental East Meadow today at (516) 962-2292 to find out if dental crowns are right for you.

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